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By C. B. Willis, CBWillis@netcom.com
Copyright (C) 1997, C. B. Willis

A few weeks ago there was talk on ... about the possibility of moving toward one world religion, not as tyranny, but presumably as the consciousness of humanity unfolded, as people left behind outworn and unworkable aspects of former religions, and naturally embraced shared values and universal spiritual truths.

If anything could do that sooner than we expected - and with great vision and fervor - it would be the passing of Diana, Princess of Wales, who has become now already the de facto "Princess of the World," and will be revered by many as a modern saint for her compassion, openness, dedication to relieving suffering, and behind-the-scenes work with people in need.

With a minimum of theological dogma, and the accent on personal warmth, caring, and love, Diana will likely inspire a worldwide movement that is both spiritual and charitable, something like an extension of Mother Teresa's Sisters of Charity, but will involve men and women of all ages, boys and girls, ordinary people from all walks of life, who have caught the vision of what Diana stood for and what her life was - and still is - about. Diana is very much in affinity with the archetype of the Divine Mother as she has entered the next phase of her eternal Life and service.

Diana is showing herself to be a "big being" spiritually, with an enormous influence on people at large, and is showing the veil between Heaven and earth to be very thin, as spiritual light floods through the dimensions and the many mansions of the soul.

For all of people's grief and mourning, I daresay the world has seldom seen so much light shining through the veil, or the veil actually pulled aside, as in the last few days, beginning about three days after Diana's passing. She appears to have rent the veil and is now bestowing a blessing on humanity - her spiritual presence is palpable throughout the world. Many people when they pass over let the veil fall down behind them, so to speak, as they continue on their journey with spiritual companions and assistance, with help, healing and advanced education. Diana has access to that, but has turned around and is facing humanity, with the veil that normally separates the two worlds pulled aside. There is tremendous spiritual communication passing back and forth between the dimensions of Heaven and earth at this time, and the connecting or access point is the Heart: love and vision.

Diana is a now acting as a catalyst to awaken humanity spiritually, take them to higher levels of awareness, to bring humanity together through love and a common spiritual vision. There is a vast "quickening" occuring on the planet with the influx of these powerful spiritual energies. Diana is offering a needed spiritual boost for humanity, a very large blessing, a "miracle" of sorts, the effects of which are only vaguely estimable at present, but the momentum of which will carry far into the 21st century. Many will report visions of Diana, and the energy perceived will be much like that of Divine Mother exemplars such as Mary, Our Lady of Fatima, and others. Spiritual energy is now sweeping the planet to cleanse, heal, uplift, inspire, move humanity toward a rapid awakening of themselves as spirit, and toward spiritual light and love.

With increased heart opening and compassion, people will come to have spontaneous increased awareness of causes and the workings of spirit, increased awareness of the importance of creating nurturing spaces that bring out the best in others. These abilities are the divine "feminine" in everyone, Spirit itself, let loose into the world and "on the move" at the very time when other forces have ratcheted up the agenda of widespread chaos, conflict, domination, ignorance, abuse and neglect.

A magnificent wave of Spirit is being released on the planet at this time, the quality and remembrance of which will inspire and sustain humanity for a long time to come.

C.B. Willis,
Northern California
Sept 4, 1997
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