The Meaning of Nostradamus Prophecies

After the twin towers of the World Trace Center fell, the intenet went wild; wild not with calls of revenge, but with tales that the prophet Nostrodamus foretold all in a quatrain about the city York. Indeed, "Nostradamus" topped sex and music as the most sought after query on the web, with Nostrodamus, Nostrodomus and other spellings not far behind! [Ref: SE Report.

Do you seek a world in which fate is fore-ordained? A world in which you have no real control?

Or do you seek a world you build anew each day? A world you may build better as you improve yourself?

Do you believe we are but the Children of God?

Or have we attained at least the status of Teenagers of God?

(Hmmm... Bin Laden, the Teenager of Allah?)

It takes no Nostradamus prophecies to see that those who have the foresight to improve themselves, gain more than those who seek out soothsayers. For in the end, they have the confidence to change the world.

As for the wisdom of Osama Bin Laden's act of terror against the phallic twin towers of the World Trade Center; has Bin Laden brought more aid and honor to his cause? Or has Ben Laden created more mortal enemies than he can imagine though a public relations gaffe the size of Japan's attack on Pearl Harbor?

Perhaps he believed the forged prophecies of Nostradamus regarding York and the twin brothers or twin towers. An error the Taliban and the people of Afghanistan may come to regret.

Perhaps the people in Kabul never heard that famous line in a Star Trek movie "Why does God need a space ship?" Indeed! Why does Our Mutual Creator need a Holy Terror like Bin Laden? Or is it more likely that Bin Laden needs Holy Terror?

That, he may yet get...

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