Bio-War and Consequence

Who grew your breakfast?
Who wove your shirt?
Who tended your child,
when she was ill?

What if they were all your enemies?

Would they care,
if your daughter fell and scraped her knee?

Would they help,
if your mother lost her way?

Doesn't it make more sense
to make friends,
not enemies?

And last
What if someone slips,
what if it comes home to roost?
What of your son?
What of your wife?
What of your mother?

And if you care not for them,
what if you must mend your clothes,
and grow your own breakfast,
because you...
are all alone?

Can you help yourself...
Can you help Your People more
by spreading terror and fear?
Or by helping others
and making new friends?

is an Error.

The way to make a better life for the people you lead, is to encourage them to make things other people want; not destroy the wealth and lives of others. Remember the old African parable: "Give a man a fish, and he will eat today. Teach a man to fish, and he will eat every day." And when he begins to trade his surplus with his neighbors, he will have what he can not make for himself. That is the road to real wealth, and building a better world.

But we also need to stand at the ready. Athena may be the Goddess of Wisdom, The Home Arts, and Womanly Virtue; but She is also the Goddess of PRUDENT Warfare and is renowned for the fairness of her sense of Justice.

The legendary Chinese strategist Sun Tsu wrote that the greatest general wins the war without fighting a single battle. For the truly great see beyond the need to fight; they see the need for fair and just cooperation, and through the clarity and decency of their own deeds, (and the strength of their own defences,) make it happen.

Just my opinion...
I am Keeper of the Faith,
Faith --
Copyright (C), 1998,

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