Moral Turpitude and Public Trust

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I remember a sign on a used car salesman's wall:

"We cheat the other guy, and pass the savings on to you."

Um... how can I be sure? How can I trust a man like that? And do I want this guy to be MY crook -- a crook, in effect, representing ME!?

We seem to put up with behavior in our politicos that we would not tolerate in our gas stations, haberdasheries, or supermarkets. A crook is a crook, whether he steals a dollar from your pocket, or a dime from your paycheck every week without good value returned for that money.

It is OUR money that runs this country. We, the People of the United States, OWN this country, not some Crown Prince, King, or some appointed official. This is OUR nation, paid for by our own blood, sweat, and tears every single day, as we build this nation and help keep it moving towards an ever better Tomorrow with our thoughts, words, and deeds.

What kind of behavior should we expect from our chosen leaders? Something that embarrasses us? Or something that makes us proud to call ourselves Americans? Self serving lies, or rock stable Honesty and Personal Integrity?

Is what we see on TV respectable moral behavior? Do we call our children to the TV set to see and hear about the exemplary behavior of the person we elected to represent us TO THE WORLD?

Or do we banish our children so they would not emulate the behavior we hear our President engages in?

With all these charges, does it matter whether he is guilty or not? Or is it more important that he represent our Nation and The Cause of Freedom with the Dignity and Respect it deserves?

(Does O.J. still represent Avis? Does Michael "The Glove" Jackson still represent Pepsi?)

Does it really matter of his statements are true in the thinnest hairsplitting legal sense? Or that they be true in the broadest moral and spiritual sense that everyone can rely on?

America needs to Stand for Something in the eyes of the world!

We did that most clearly when we put Man on the Moon, fought Desert Storm to free a nation enslaved, (scaring the Sovet Union out of business in the process,) airlifted food to the people of Berlin after World War II, and fought WW-II to free Europe from a genocidal evil. And above all, America stood tall when our first chosen representatives signed their names and pledged their lives and what they referred to as their sacred honor, to the Declaration of Independence and the new Concept of a Free and Self Governing Nation, in an age known for Kings and Kingdoms.

That Lady with the Torch stands for something, from New York Harbor to Tiannamen Square... So should our President!

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