I gave you the Olive,
For peace and longevity.

Under my olive branches,
You gave Yourselves
Debate and Democracy...
...Reason and Civilization!

All I ask is that you remember...
Who I am,
Who you are,
What YOU can do...
...if You but wish to...

For I have Faith in YOU,
and in Your Children.

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This is not a new religion. The worship of The Goddess Athena, Goddess of Wisdom, The Home Arts, Womanly Virtue, and Prudent Warfare, has been documented as being well known and commonly practiced since before the founding of the ancient city of Athens in Greece; and is thus a Traditional and Well Established Religion. It has always emphasized individualism, self reliance, thinking for one's self, and personal responsibility; beliefs and values which led to the founding of Athens. Then, as now, Athena sought the brightest minds. Comet riders and cult followers need not apply.

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