The Wise Grandmother

Where are the wise old Women,
The ones who tend the Shrine of Values,
The ones who teach the social graces?

Without their quiet voices,
Society has lost half its values,
Lost most of its wisdom;
Lost nearly all of its depth and resilience.

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Cold body? Cold mind? Doubts? Fear? Depression?
The Cold Body Page

Sub-clinical Hypothermia, or "Wilson's Syndrome" is a possible occupational hazard for deep thinkers, and a known problem as we get on in our years. It leads to forgetfulness, memory problems, confused thinking, mild depression, and other symptoms often mistaken for senility. It isn't just whether Grandma feels warm, it it is about actual body temperature. If you care for Grandma, take her temperature now and then; make sure her body temperature is above 98.2. For more information, see The Cold Body Page and Wilson's Syndrome.

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This is not a new religion. The worship of The Goddess Athena, Goddess of Wisdom, The Home Arts, Womanly Virtue, and Prudent Warfare, has been documented as being well known and commonly practiced since before the founding of the ancient city of Athens in Greece; and is thus a Traditional and Well Established Religion. It has always emphasized individualism, self reliance, thinking for one's self, and personal responsibility; beliefs and values which led to the founding of Athens. Then, as now, Athena sought the brightest minds. Comet riders and cult followers need not apply.

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