Think and be Free!

We do not tell you how to think,
Only that you should think,

The only difference between religions,
Is the opinion of mortal humans
So oft enshrined
By those too scared
To Think for Themselves!

Think for Yourself,
And you shall be Free!

Beyond Warez and Pokemon

We've no opinions to download to your wetware or burn into your CD ROM; no cheats or broken warez to help you crack the game of life. But feel free to upload your thoughts to our chat pages. Remember, life is a free gift you get for coming this way. What you do with it is up to you.

Do you wish to spend your time making a pokemon empire? Or an empire of friends and real-world accomplishments?

That is the real challenge, to see what YOU can do with this gift called life.

Do you want to play someone else's toy games? Or play, and crack, the real and very challenging game of your own life?

You craft your own mental software each day by the things you see, the thoughts you think, and the things you do. (And you wonder sometimes why you dream in terms of TV or playstation characters?) We hope you'll make every day count. For in the end, we believe that the highest reward for playing this game of life, is being asked to play it again. And that, we think, depends upon whether you leave the playing field better for your passing this way. This is not a one life stand. It is about growth, challenges, and building a better future for your tomorrows.

What will you do with the rest of your life? What characters and games do you want to play?

And if you really do want to play games, why not write your own game? There is a wonderful free operating system called Linux available for the downloading from: Linux Org, RedHat, Caldera, Linux HQ, Linux Documentation Site, LDP, Linux Now. Working with computers, learning to program on a real multi-tasking operating system like Linux will really help you earn more of those tokens called Money later in life. It will get you a lot of playstations! Not to mention food, tools, real estate, and software. Look into it! Score High in life! Silicon Valley Linux User's Group Now there's a game with a Future!

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This is not a new religion. The worship of The Goddess Athena, Goddess of Wisdom, The Home Arts, Womanly Virtue, and Prudent Warfare, has been documented as being well known and commonly practiced since before the founding of the ancient city of Athens in Greece; and is thus a Traditional and Well Established Religion. It has always emphasized individualism, self reliance, thinking for one's self, and personal responsibility; beliefs and values which led to the founding of Athens. Then, as now, Athena sought the brightest minds. Comet riders and cult followers need not apply.

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